Updates & Enhancements

See what's new on our constantly expanding platform. For complete update details, refer to the latest Avigilon Blue Release Notes picture_as_pdf.

  • PTZ and Multiple Central Station Support

    PTZ Support

    Provides support for Avigilon and ONVIFⓇ Profile S PTZ cameras and enables PTZ controls, set presets and program tours.

    Avigilon Blue interface view of PTZ functionality
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    Support for Multiple Central Stations

    Dealers with multiple central stations now have the ability to connect subscriber sites to different monitoring center configurations or locations.

    Avigilon Blue interface view of multiple central stations
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  • Analytics, Usability & Integration Enhancements

    Beam Crossing Detection

    Commonly used for perimeter protection applications, Beam Crossing Detection is an analytic rule type that allows for a beam (or line) to be placed in a camera’s field of view. The camera watches this virtual line and sends a notification to users any time any time an object crosses the line from any direction.

    Avigilon Blue interface view of analytic beams in camera view
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    PoE Management

    Users and administrators can manage PoE resources and restart PoE ports using their browser and Android or iOS apps, allowing for remote troubleshooting and streamlined issue resolution when using the Avigilon Blue Connect Device 8-Port.

    SureView IMMIX® CS Integration Enhancements

    • Recorded video playback
    • PTZ functionality including presets and tours

  • Available in Canada, PoE Management

    Avigilon Blue Now Available in Canada

    Following a successful launch in the United States we are excited to announce Avigilon Blue is now available in Canada. Multinational users have access to the new region selector. LEARN MORE

    Avigilon Blue region selection

    HDSM SmartCodec™ Support

    Support for Avigilon cameras with HDSM SmartCodec™ technology that automatically optimizes compression levels for regions in a scene to maximize bandwidth savings, minimize storage consumption and maintain high-quality imaging.

    Avigilon HDSM SmartCodec technology

    Other Improvements

    • Digital Output: enables you to setup and configure communication and interaction of external devices with surveillance cameras.

    • Mobile PoE Management: Use the Avigilon Blue mobile app to easily restart servers and manage power remotely while minimizing trips to the physical site.

    • Message Broadcasting: Enables Avigilon to broadcast critical messages to all Avigilon Blue users through a banner at the top of the webpage.

    • Tamper Configuration: Tamper settings allow users to set thresholds on sensitivity and delay to help reduce false alarms.

    • Video Download Enhancement: Now download up to 60 minutes of video.
  • Professional Monitoring Support

    Professional Monitoring Support

    New integration with SureView Systems will provide powerful video analytics-based event verification to central alarm monitoring stations.

    The integration with Immix CS and Immix CC software will feature alarms with live and recorded video as well as audio transmission.

    Sureview Systems

  • 16-Channel Blue Connect, Site & Device Management Dashboard

    Avigilon Blue Connect Device

    Easily and quickly connect to the cloud, add analytics and manage more cameras. Includes 12 TB (~30 days) of on-site storage.  LEARN MORE

    Avigilon Blue Connect 16-Channel device

    Calendar Video Search

    An easy, calendar-style date and time selection allows you to go to specified points to expedite searches.

    calendar video search with date and time selection

    Site & Device Management Dashboard

    • Single-interface displays all of your managed sites, and allows you to easily switch between them.
    • Site rows expand to show connected devices and cameras, with at-a-glance status information and camera views.
    • Devices and cameras can be clicked and further managed.
    • Easily add new Avigilon Blue Connect devices.

    Avigilon Blue Site & Device Management Dashboard

  • Subscription Center, Camera Disarm / Arm

    Subscription Center

    Offering a unified overview of your Avigilon Blue-based business, the Subscription Center helps you and your sales team track and analyze customer subscription data to discover insights and opportunities to grow your RMR business. LEARN MORE

    Avigilon Blue Subscription Center

    Camera Disarm / Arm

    Conveniently pause notification alerts directly from your mobile device when you know scheduled activity on your site will be taking place. This helps eliminate nuisance alarms, but still ensures recording continues. Alarms will automatically come back on when the timeframe ends or you can manually rearm. LEARN MORE

    Avigilon Blue Camera Disarm
    Avigilon Blue Camera Arm

    Timeline Scrubber

    Go to specific points on your timeline and scrub video from multiple cameras simultaneously with synced views to display multiple video streams at the same point in time. LEARN MORE

    Avigilon Blue timeline scrubbing

    Other Improvements

    • User interface improvements with new icons
    • Hover-over functionality for alerts on the timeline
    • Time format change from UTC time to camera local time
    • Dealer and Subscriber administrator users can easily update the Blue Connect devices
  • Android App, User Interface Improvements


    • Avigilon Blue Android app for self-monitoring businesses
    • User interface improvements, adjustments, and lessons learned from the initial release
    • Application bug fixes and Blue Connect device bug fixes